photo by Dane Tashima

photo by Dane Tashima

When I modeled,  my thighs were 19 inches around, and my waist wasn’t measuring much bigger at 23 inches… and do you know what? I was considered too fat to do editorial runway! I tried a variety of ways to get slimmer, eventually getting small enough to do a Donna Karen show before I realized how insane the whole not eating thing was.  I can’t imagine being that thin now, my 5’8″ frame would look so unhealthy, bony, and downright emaciated. Just thinking about the getting back to my “pre-baby” body I get this lightning bolt in my chest, an awful shuddering that goes deep into my core. How could have I (a mensan!) fallen for such flawed ideology of what was beautiful?

I bring this up because I recently measured my thighs when I realized they were too big to fit into my size 8 jeans.   They were 23 inches, the same size my waist was when I was modeling! I was understandably despondent for days, wearing big tee-shirts and my husbands jeans, bemoaning my lost youth and fat thighs.

That is, until I noticed mens pants were sized by actual measurements and women’s are just a made up number varying widely depending on the brand.

That is, until I drew a circle with a 25in circumference and saw how small it actually was.

That is, until I realized what a scam women’s fashion was.

What is that about anyway? Why does women’s sizing work against women that way? Is it some kind of diet/fashion industry conspiracy? WTF Fashion? What is wrong with you?

When I’m naked, I finally feel good in my own skin, finally feel like my body is rightly proportioned healthy and beautiful, but as soon as I shop for clothes, whether in my closet or at the store, I still have no clue what a size 8 is, I just know that is the size I’m supposed to ask for. Why can’t women’s clothing tell us the truth about our bodies? We can take it, in fact, I’m fairly sure we’d prefer it, don’t you think we could?

Fashion – you have been forewarned, we are going to kick your lying ass and force feed you until you make us look and feel good about who we are.

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  1. Ameeda Chowdhury
    Ameeda Chowdhury says:

    Excellent post. You’re too cool & independent to follow arbitrary fashion ideologies, anyway.

  2. cinchel
    cinchel says:

    not to mention..if womens sizes were real logical numbers then men would have an easier time buying gifts…not just for their wives but prob all their female family members (mothers/grandmothers/aunts..)

  3. Marta Spendowska
    Marta Spendowska says:

    It’s not about size, is it ? If somehow the fixation would turn around and the bigger/fat would be considered as a CHALLENGE or DUTY ( to be), that would be the other way of making it all sick.

    It is about telling you NEED TO IMPROVE/IMPROVE to the structured standards . It does not matter who sets them ( men, gov, neighborhood), but somehow all these rigors are targeted towards women, because we still buy it.. ( literally and not).
    It is a power of RULING the RULE.

    All the best!
    Your red hair is fantastic!

    marta Spendowska

  4. Marta Spendowska
    Marta Spendowska says:

    And I loove fashion and fashion art.
    But it ruins the whole healthy concept of the body (image).
    We know that philosophically high heels make women not to run away;-)

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