Debbie Ford and her Relationship with The Mouth Breathers at the FTC

Shadow Effect

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I was recently given the movie The Shadow Effect to review. Actually, I was given the movie back in June to review now. Actually, I was supposed to review it two weeks after I received it. The deal being I get the movie for “free” and in exchange I review it and post an honest opinion about it on my blog, anything I wanted to write, as long as I post this link as well as this link (an affiliate link in case a reader wants to buy the afore mentioned movie – not mine).
And as the FTC now regulates  I should tell you that not only did I exchange a free movie about how dealing with my demons can liberate me from suffering and help me achieve all my goals and dreams, I should also tell you that the exchange is the direct result of my relationship with the folks at Debbie Ford (least the FTC fine me $11,000 for a $23.96 DVD set)

Stop mouth breathing

Stop mouth breathing

I must apologize to the lovely folks at Debbie Ford who honestly deserved a more timely and more reviewish post in exchange for thier $23.96 than this one. I can admit that of course, because I finally watched the freaking movie and went through the interactive DVD with journal in hand.  As it turns out, I’ve got procrastination and authority bashing demons out the wazoo. Thank you, back lit, black and white Debbie Ford, for the meticulously manicured inspirational movie complete with time-lapse dance scenes and Deepac Chopra for showing me the shadow and light. And Debbie, you can thank the mouth breathing FTC for instigating the writing of this long overdue review.

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  1. Joe Sullivan
    Joe Sullivan says:

    I also suffer from procrastination and authority bashing demons out the wazoo (or PABDOW). Have you tried a PABST? That’s Procrastination and Authority Bashing Self-Therapy.

  2. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    I have to love any post that is tagged with “rebellion” and “procrastination.”
    I’m a little annoyed with the FTC as well…do they hold magazines and newspapers to the same standard? Does Roger Ebert buy all the films he reviews? Does Glamour buy all the makeup it reviews? Isn’t this kind of an industry norm? As long as you are not being paid to give a *positive* review, I don’t see why this has to be disclosed.

  3. Melissa Pierce
    Melissa Pierce says:


    The movie was fine. I have seen a lot of movies with coaches doing a lot of talking in them though, so didn’t find it much different. The interactive CD was an interesting addition, however, could have easily been a PDF download of questions as well.

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