Saturday, the weekend, a time to chill out, relax, or get wild, become irresponsible riff-raff, party on.

Saturday, Frantically packing boy #1 for his journey home, at the same time, helping him write a 5 page paper he had 2 weeks to do and just started -at the same time breast feeding Sweet Grand Finaley nonstop (growth spurt) at the same time calming and medicating Boy #2 who has had a 103º fever for the third day in a row, at the same time remembering that boy#1 is in need of a passport pronto but it’s Saturday, I hope they let him back into Canada.
An hour and twenty on the train packed with Michigan State fans with Boy #1 and SGF…baby girl screamed the whole way to the airport… Still no word from Boy #1’s father, I have no idea if anyone is at the other end to pick Boy#1 up once he steps on that plane. SGF finally sleeping in sling in line for x-ray machine, while TSA workers ask me to take her out, while Boy#1 is whining about taking off his shoes, While Cole is calling me to tell me that Boy#2’s fever has spiked again. “NO Fuckiing Way” flies quite exasperatedly out of my mouth. A lot of shouting for a female scanner and my sling is tested for plastic explosives while SGF sleeps soundly, Boy#1 has to tie my shoes for me, can’t bend over with baby in the sling. Gate A4A is in BFE… seriously, it’s a quarter mile of hallway lined with chairs. I wait for the plane to take off while still calling Boy#1’s father’s cell phone for confirmation, while calling Cole about how to go about taking Boy#2 to the emergency room, while paging the pediatrician on call, while breast feeding SGF (growthspurt). Boy#1’s plane finally takes off and I am free to leave the airport, On the phone with Cole about where the insurance papers are, and my mother the nurse about what to ask at the emergency room. Boy#1’s father and the pediatrician call at the same time, Cole calls often to update on what’s happening at the ER and SGF cries the entire train ride home.