Back from cutting monstrously over sized Christmas tree in Iowa. Keep trimming it back, trimming it back, trimming it back so the kids have a place to play in the living room. We put our decorations on it, but they all look too small for it. “I’m going to have to make bigger ornaments” I say out loud to nobody in particular – every time I pass by the tree. It’s still a little unbelievable to me that this huge monster tree is in our house. Now I keep thinking of what type of ornaments to put on it’s crazy long branches. I finally realize that I don’t have to put all the decoration on our tree that good intentioned (but ungifted with knowledge of my particular tastes) relatives have given to us to put on it if I don’t want to. It takes all kinds of things to uncover the kinks in ones belief system I guess, in fact sometimes, it takes a monster tree.

What an easy day it was. These last few days have been such a drain on me. I’ve been allowing all kinds of surprising events to bring me down. ( You know, when one thing feels like crap, everything starts to feel like crap) Anyway, relief was what today felt like. The babies were great, house work was easy, my coaching clients were fun and I’m going to guess that brushing my teeth and going to bed are going to be without incident and pleasant as pie too. Pollyanna eat your heart out.

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