Are you seriously working on being the Nietzschian Superman? Do you really need that much control to ensure you are viewed as brilliant and valuable. Is this the leftover residue from your teenage self when it is customary for the American female to annihilate her heart in an effort to be in complete control of her destiny? Is this split an unfortunate byproduct of feminism? Dear reader, this blog entry has been edited to get at the heart of my question, which was not actually my question at all but one asked of me a few days ago while I ruminated over a conversation had a few days prior to that. The original post was not intended to offend, but has and for that I do apologize. The original post has been mostly removed from this blog. Please do leave your feedback regaurding the ways in which we as women do distance our “hearts” from our heads and why.

Tonight, Almost all the best players were there, a casual gathering to watch a TV show turned needed connections between live human beings… A playwrite, a designer, a scientist, an artist, a homaker, and a healer, and a child all together.

Why, a bride and her wedding party of course! We saw them last Saturday, by the Field Museum. The bride was worried that her beautiful dress was dragging on the bathroom floor. I just got word that my little brother and his wife are having another baby, due this spring. The announcement, strangely enough, made me immediately want to have another baby… Yes, at 9 months pregnant, I wanted to join the race of perpetuating the race again when I’m not even finished running this one. I’m pretty sure it’s sick and twisted, and I’m not altogether sure that my competitive spirit hasn’t somehow become confused with complete malarkey.