Watch it without the sound first if you can & then with, see how differently it effects you.

Without Sound: I like this flash video, it’s a powerful written piece, but I think it comes at it from a feeling of lack, and although they are trying to get my attention to help change things, I feel powerless. I would like to see a video like this that is more focused on empowering “the girl” right up front. Give me a feeling of freedom to change things instead of the feeling of shame that I haven’t and now it’s epic problem.  The same empowerment that we are giving the girl should be offered to the audience. Just a thought about how to change the world.

With Sound: Triumphant, I wish there was a damn donation button embedded in the video.

I don’t know why this pairing bothers me. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, because I really do like the video, and think they are on the right track. Pointing out the reality is necessary I suppose, but maybe I just don’t think the world is a mess. Maybe I think that some things in the world are a mess, and we magnify those, but most of the world is ordered and perfect and happily bumping along. That must be it – It must be that I can’t agree that the world IS A MESS, Only that the world has some messes. And this presumption throws the whole thing off for me – makes me feel fierce even when paired with the music. Grrr…

obviously I am fucked. I need sleep. It’s a small point about a large oversight. Empower me to know that the world is not totally screwed, and I will feel it’s in my power to make the small changes necessary to fix it.

Maybe it’s just me

So, I’ve been watching these DVD sent to me by a coaching school that wants to sponsor my movie – and I’m trying to be objective, trying not to judge, trying to see if they would be a good fit before I take their money and pay all the people working on the film that are currently working for free… There is of course a problem.  I love their stuff, I can’t be objective, I suck at weighing sponsorship have/have nots.   I suck at being objective about anything I’m emotionally invested in.  But then, I’m thinking, so – what I’ve been asking for is to find someone to help pay for the film that is 100% in alignment with what I’m doing.  A tall order right?  And I think I’ve found that someone – But this unattractive residue from a life less trusting is still hanging on to the rims of my cup, I see it and wonder if I can truly listen to my heart in matters of money.  Maybe I’ve been watching too many made for TV movies about deceitful lovers, I can’t say.

I guess I’ll just take a leap and use thier money and make a spectacular movie.