Yesterday while driving on Lake Shore Drive, taking in the cliche but apparent beauty of the city just waking up on a lazy Sunday morning, I spotted a new gunmetal grey Ferrari cruising beside me in the right lane, not trying to race or pass me, just cruising. While in my opinion any Ferrari sighting is worth mentioning, I mention this one only because for once, the driver inside the vehicle had a look of pure joy, not the usually “I’m so cool, pissing contest” smile that so many a sports car driver seems to pin upon their faces. He was relaxed and joyful and my heart actually ached with gratitude that that man enjoyed driving that car so much. He took the Belmont exit and I continued to wonder about the joy of driving such a car. Turning onto Clark Street,thinking about weather Cole would look as happy driving a Ferrari (he would) I spotted a scared looking small child of 4 or 5yrs walking across the street all by herself! My gracious heart disappeared in an instant, I felt outraged and angered that anyone would be so oblivious as to let their child walk unattended on a busy city street let alone cross one! Upon closer inspection I realized that the scared girl was a woman, the woman was a midget, and her parents were probably still oblivious that she was walking across a busy city street all by herself.

Oh, the wasted things we wonder about when co habitating.

Cole has been gone from sunup to sundown for the better part of a two weeks. Today he spent 11 hours at school, Critiques tomorrow. Tomorrow, he’ll be first, so he’ll be out early again, maybe 8 or 9am. He told me he’d be home late, maybe 10pm or 12am. Critiques are over at 6pm… even if he went out for drinks, 4-6hrs of drinks? I realize that I don’t get out much these days with two little ones and everything, but 6 hours? Maybe he’s keeping up with the current art school crowd, perhaps he forgot that he is somebody’s daddy, or is trying to forget. So, I made a deal with him, really, there is no deal, I told him that’s the way it’s going to be, and I intend to stick to it, regardless of how daunting a task it seems. Whatever amount of time he stays out after class tomorrow, I will be staying out the following Friday night. Anyone want to go out? Or, better yet, anyone want to have a quick cup of tea and then let me that a good long nap at their house?