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Attention all Facebook members
facebook is recently becoming very overpopulated,
There have been many members complaining that Facebook
is becoming very slow.Record shows that the reason is
that there are too many non-active Facebook members
And on the other side too many new Facebook members.
We will be sending this messages around to see if the
Members are active or not,If you’re active please send
to 15 other users using Copy+Paste to show that you are active
Those who do not send this message within 2 weeks,
The user will be deleted without hesitation to create more space,
If Facebook is still overpopulated we kindly ask for donations but until then send this message to all your friends and make sure you send this message to show me that your active and not deleted.

Founder of Facebook

This was my most popular post – up until I moved my site over and lost all the comments and other crucial settings & gizmos (doh!)  I did find the post again somehow, and am reposting it for your viewing pleasure.

Been trying to find my writing voice lately. I think perhaps I had it, and then lost it when I realized that people were actually reading what I wrote. Isn’t that interesting that I put these words up, I put them out into the open and think that no one will see them, that by casting such a little thing such as a sentence fragment on this or that strand of the world wide web – such a little piece of my authentic self – that no one will notice. But then they do, and I change what I write, to protect my soft naked underbelly. It’s silly really, to think that publishing something online gives my voice a safe place to hide – but that’s what I thought, or at least felt, I can’t say I gave it much thought. So, that’s where I am. Understanding the irrational feelings of vulnerability, and looking for some balance.

We saw this woman dancing on the pedway in Boulder, Colorado, her silver hair accentuated by the blue flowers on her golden costume. She had to have been in her sixties, moving with the muscle memory

of a balerina long retired, to a Beatles tune. I neglected to see the absurdity of it, instead, savoring the magic in thinking that every little girl who secretly harboured knowlege that she too was

a fairy princess could be fulfilled, even if it took a lifetime.

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