Getting Naked With The Written Word

This was my most popular post – up until I moved my site over and lost all the comments and other crucial settings & gizmos (doh!)  I did find the post again somehow, and am reposting it for your viewing pleasure.

Been trying to find my writing voice lately. I think perhaps I had it, and then lost it when I realized that people were actually reading what I wrote. Isn’t that interesting that I put these words up, I put them out into the open and think that no one will see them, that by casting such a little thing such as a sentence fragment on this or that strand of the world wide web – such a little piece of my authentic self – that no one will notice. But then they do, and I change what I write, to protect my soft naked underbelly. It’s silly really, to think that publishing something online gives my voice a safe place to hide – but that’s what I thought, or at least felt, I can’t say I gave it much thought. So, that’s where I am. Understanding the irrational feelings of vulnerability, and looking for some balance.

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  1. Lee Ann Price
    Lee Ann Price says:


    I love the honesty of this post. And the way you write – about your voice exposing your soft naked underbelly – very descriptive and touching.

    However, I wouldn’t say that feelings are irrational – I think that beliefs are irrational, especially limiting beliefs. But feelings, well feelings are the windows to our soul – our truer voice.

    So, I would think of it less of an irrational feeling of vulnerability and more a limiting thought on how vulnerability is bad…

  2. admin
    admin says:


    Oh! How I think you are right about Feeling and Belief being separate and distinct . Very perceptive on your part, and right on. Now that I read your comment, I can only assume that irrational beliefs were indeed what I meant, as there is just no other way to look at it. Now that I have your precise and articulate writing, I wonder why I didn’t see that myself. Mayhaps I too can get such nakedness from my writing… a truth in the meaning and the words themselves.
    Thank you for your comment, It seems a little cheesy as I type it, but it’s changed me. (As I think any new perspective ought to)

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