Recently, we took our winter sweaters out of their vacuum sealed super special containers and began neatly folding them the be display proudly on the shelves in our bedroom that we’ve anointed worthy of the presence of such things as lambswool and cashmere. It was a joyous occasion for me as winter fashions are my all time favorite fashions. Which is why, I was, nearly in tears, as I lifted my softest most luxuriant cardigan from is summer slumber and watched as a family of teeny tiny moths flew from what was left of the aqua fibers.

The babies have a cold, we’re all going crazy, and life is beautiful!

The notion that taking a night out as a couple every week without the children is a standard in almost every piece of literature I have read on parenting to date. I think, however, that this is just crap advice from someone who A. is either childless or B. has their mother living with them so the need to run away from home is magnified by whatever unresolved family issues may be lurking. It’s not any kind of breath of fresh air to hire a babysitter and run away from home with your spouse for 2-4 hours while you obsessively think about how this evening will cost as much as our families groceries for two weeks after the bar tab, the waiter, the dinner and the babysitter have all been paid for. I’m thinking, if I’m going to shell out a hondo or so, I would like someone to take my children from my house for a least a ten hour stretch, and maybe my husband for a few of those hours too. I want to be able to relax and feel pampered as much as the next person, but what mom of small children among us wouldn’t like to have a day in her own house to herself, I ask. Imagine having no one to cling to you as you effortlessly prepare and devour your delicious breakfast, imagine the feeling of exhilaration when washing the dishes or sweeping the floor, why it only takes one uninterrupted twenty minute interval! A shower with time to shave your legs… is this heaven? Perhaps I’m just not interested in going out on a date with Cole anymore, this has crossed my mind, his mind shuts off at about 7pm, so unless we’re going out for brunch it’s kinda’ a boring time. but perhaps, instead of the traditional date, I just need a break.