March 7th Starting at 3pm CST 9 women will livestream for 18hrs from Chicago’s own Sax Hotel. I will be one of them. You can watch it then at The bathtub is huge, I’ll bring my swimsuit and underwater camera.

Oh, wait… an inbox full of new twitter followers all in the span of an hour could only mean one of three things – or all of them, or two of them, or whatever, I’m not really that good at math…

  1. I’ve been hacked
  2. Someone circulated a nekked photo of me on ‘teh internets’
  3. Chris Brogan tagged me in the ever popular #followfriday meme
Charlie looks as if he suspects the penguin

Charlie looks as if he suspects the penguin

While picking up my kids toys. {The toys that go into the “people and creatures” box because I’m anal organized like that}  I reach down to swoop up all the little toys in a two handed grab but stop just millimeters away from a suspect item in the collection, then I recoil in terror!

What to my wondering eyes did appear? Why it was a tiny poo standing straight up in the air!

Did my child plan this particular scenario? A poo the size of the penguin, Charlie looking sideways, suspicious that this blob could have come from the black and white bird. Potty humor? Maybe. Gross? Of course. Comedic genius? Most definitley.