Dearest Friends, family and anonymous reader,
Lately I have been calling to the universe. Lately I have been drinking tall glasses of water between a single breath in and a single breath out. Lately I have been creating more art and words and wordy art. Lately I find myself reading books about All That IS sprinkled here and there with books about …coaching. Threw you there didn’t I? Yes, coaching… seems somebody in me head thinks I’d make a pretty great listener if I would just take the time to hear anything besides my own thoughts. Then I think, well, if subjective reality is the basis for my existence, then, no matter who I listen to, I am, in a way, listening to my own thoughts, no matter who’s speaking, and so, thankfully, I can still be my same selfish self while at the same time listening to you. Could it be that I may take that leap into the abyss and become a Life Coach? Perhaps, I have been a lay counsellor for years now. Of course, there are those few friends that no matter what I say it seems to be wrong, and in that case, I am glad that they don’t call or write often and even more glad that they are not paying customers! But then again, maybe they needed to hear that they were not the bees knees and not so clever as they thought they were, maybe the gig was up and their well crafted manipulations were more than I could bear to be party to anymore. Whatever the reason, I say, cut cut cut the apron strings from the various versions of me that I have known and learn a new craft. Is this new Life Coaching path part of Cole and my grand business plan you ask? Why yes it is, I might be inclined to say, but then again, I might be inclined to say ‘stick it’ in the very next breath out.

We spent Memorial day weekend at Cannon Beach, Oregon. Just soaking up the sea and the sand.