CRASH in space

I love the illustrations in this book, but I always think I need Prozac after I read it. Perhaps reading a little too much “Bell Jar” into the meteor shower.

Blast Off by Linda C. Cain

My friend invited me for casual drinks and “catching-up”… over beers she told me she was getting a divorce.

(This is my first attempt at voiceover with music, what do you think?)

It’s 2am, and my two year old daughter is pissed, and I mean pissed that her demands aren’t being met, her high pitched screaming tantrum has  lasted  34 minutes and counting.  To cope, I do a lot of swearing under my breath while trying to look unaffected. Read more

Found this gem while I was logging tapes of my interview with Biz Stone for Life In Perpetual Beta, proving a point that I have been desperately refuting for years, I do indeed talk to myself – sometimes even on camera. Shit. Read more