I just found myself pleading with Cole to tell me something that did not involve childcare or home making… I sound like every magazine I’ve ever read about mothering.

I do not know why dad signed me up for Gmail.Mom I bring lunch. My
teachers name is rob. He dos not like to be called Mr. Yes I have
met cool kids but being bad with names I forgot their names. My new
room finely has the posters up and the computer is working. I do not
know if I have to learn the metric system. I do know about 5 words but
I cant spell them

His comic is in the MCA. I get it, it’s’ s empty, it’s depressing, it’s the least notable day of your life in cartoon form. Why then, is it so popular? It’s Empty. It’s the celebrated empty. Why is empty so hip in our culture? Look everyone, I found this really empty, boring thing, how about, lets celebrate it, let celebrate it… What is wrong with my contemporaries that this takes up a whole floor of an art museum? I understand the absurdity of it, I understand the making the everyday remarkable by recording it ( Look at me, I write a blog), I just am peeved that it’s been elevated to such a level, how far will we exploit it, will there be a syndicated cartoon on late nights of people unceremoniously undressing and getting drinks of water for hours on end. However artfully depicted they and the architecture are, it’s still empty. Are we all so full of ourselves and what we perceive to be our intellectual genius that we are willing to hold the empty above all? This is our hero? This is all we get? I could be wrong, maybe I’m not seeing enough of the beauty of it, or seen enough of it at all, but I’m willing to take the chance and say that I’m in the right… the comic is just not that good, it’s boring… and so mundanely depressing. I know that there are many many educated and entertaining critics that disagree, hell almost all of NPR is infatuate with him. Alas, I don’t know him, just his well drawn mundane comic…

We caught the cold of the little cutie I babysat last week.