Ethan today saw an ant on the sidewalk and asked it “Are you going to your house in the grass?” When the ant got to the grass Ethan frowned and said “I am missing that insect.”

We’ve been so busy lately. Cole had his opening at the Block Museum and his work looks really great there. It was a whole family effort though to get it underway! Whew. (The picture is of us in front of the Block Museum’s tulips.)Then there was my Attractive Attraction Coalition of Chicago meeting to plan for, then there was the Children’s books to write, and the Children… Oh and, did I mention all the planning and research that’s going into the new business that Cole and I are starting…. That’s right, stay tuned kids… Loose lips sink ships, so when we get the trademarking and licensing out of the way, I’ll put it in my blog, until then .. / .-.. — …- . / -.– — ..- morse code.

A few days ago Ethan says to me ” Mama, this is my belly” and points to his belly. Then he says “Mama, this is my penis” and points to his penis. Then he says ” What is this Mama? This is my waddle, mama. What is this?” and points to his testicles! Did I forget to tell him what that was? And furthermore, what amazing power of reasoning from a 2 year old to decide he had a waddle like a turkey… so logical, and so hilarious.

1. Fly kite with Ethan – done, 4/28/07
2. Fix bathroom shelf – done 4/25/07
3. Build shelf in kitchen
4. Organize office
5. Exercise 4x a week for a month
6. Buy cool mama shoes
7. Look good in a swimsuit by June 2007-so it’s june, and my body looks great in a swimsuit according to Cole, guess I’m a little harder to please.
8. Create a profitable business from my passion to help others discover and pursue their own passions
9. Visit Europe with my family
10. Run the Boston Marathon
11. Climb a mountain
12. Have $300,000. In assets
13. Eat 5 fruits and veggies a day for a month
14. Learn Spanish
15. Write two books about dream boarding and the law of attraction
16. Take a pottery class
17. Learn to knit
18. Write a will
19. Travel to Paris
20. Run The Chicago Marathon
21. Run the Big Sur Marathon
22. Qualify for #10 by running # 20 & 21
23. Create something artful with my children at least twice a week
24. Sew 6 new pieces of clothing for myself
25. Sew 6 new pieces of clothing for Cole
26. Sew 6 new pieces of clothing for Ethan
27. “” for Adel
28. “” for Cain
29. Keep the cookie jar full for 3 months
30. Have 6 Arbonne classes a month for 1 year
31. Take a cooking class
32. Write a letter a week for 1year
33. Travel the country teaching workshops on self discovery & liberation
34. Get an orange Phil and Ted Stroller
35. Use a personal cup or water bottle instead of buying disposable products at Starbucks for 3 months.
36. Save the $1 in children’s piggy bank every time #35 is done
37. Institute a family night one night a week for the entire summer
38. Teach Cain how to do his own taxes
39. Make an ‘invisible’ book shelf
40. Buy a home
41. Be an ACTIVE member of Mensa for at least a year
42. Join Toastmasters
43. Take dance classes with Cole
44. Go out Dancing with Cole at least once a month for a year
45. Become an RVP
46. Help two of my team members become RVPs
47. Make Birthday and Christmas presents for everyone instead of buying them. (START WELL IN ADVANCE)
48. Get a pedicure
49. Attend an Art of Allowing workshop
50. Create a budget & use it
51. Keep a gratitude journal
52. Create a new piece of art for myself at least 2x a month for at least a year
53. Develop a L of A curriculum for kinetic learners
54. Read 2 book a month that aren’t children’s books
55. Go to the dentist
56. Learn 50 new words and use them often
57. Plant and tend a garden
58. Go see Oprah
59. Teach Ethan to read
60. Go camping in the Pacific NW
61. Enter a poetry contest
62. Take 2 acting classes
63. Go to 4 acting auditions
64. Perform in a play or movie or commercial
65. Go parasailing
66. Eat an 12 course meal at my leisure at an Italian restaurant in Italy
67. Drive a Ferrari
68. Make photo books of my Children
69. Take a philosophy class
70. Do the 26 things scavenger hunt
71. Play the viola for Cole
72. Take Viola lessons for 6 months
73. Practice Viola 4x a week for 6 months
74. Go on a two day bike ride with Cole Pierce
75. Go on a two day bike ride with Cain
76. Write a definitive mission statement and post in on my web site
77. Make a ‘how to stretch’ video for time starved parents
78. Become an NVP
79. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for 21 days.
80. Build a piece of furniture
81. Visit my dad in Utah
82. Visit my mom in England
83. Take in investing course, learn stock trading
84. Cook a health dinner every night for two months
85. Wear a bikini in public
86. Keep a current and accurate home inventory
87. Teach 10 paid PMA workshops
88. Take a day trip to the Jelly Belly factory
89. Buy a luxury car without guilt
90. Learn to use Photoshop like a pro
91. Get a design on a Threadless t-shirt
92. Design hip baby cloths
93. Teach Ethan to swim
94. Have a wardrobe of cloths that are all 6-8
95. Try Ethiopian food
96. enroll Cain Thi Chi classes
97. Keep a current and accurate Arbonne inventory
98. Sing in public, on a stage
99. Drink tea instead of coffee for 6 months
100. Keep the kids baby books up to date
101. Make another 101 in 1001 list