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ELF Snazl Interview Online Party Party Party

While in New York for the 140 Conference recently, I had the chance to get interviewed by Ameeda Chowdhury, the CEO of a cool new social communications tool called SnazL.

My friend Lyndsay said it best: “Ameeda’s created a virtual living room called a “SnazL”, where folks can interact around content in real time- a sort of www campfire where you can chat, draw, and see what your friends are doing, all in synchronicity.”

My interview (part of a series leading up to the ELF Blogher party) goes live at 2 pm EST Tuesday July 14th at Snazl, as well as whatever other sites have chosen to host it. Let me know if you want to host on your blog or website too! We’ll be chatting about parenthood, filmmaking, make-up, trying to stay sane & inspired at the same time, and whatever. Anyone can watch, (no registration needed) but if you’d like to chat and possibly win one of 5 $25 ELF gift cards, sign up at www.snazL.com prior to the chat! 2 of these gift cards will be given to those lucky souls who host chats on their sites.

During the SnazL chat, we’ll do the host giveaways, followed shortly by chances to win 3 more $25 ELF gift cards. If you’re like me and want to hide how tired you are with make-up, or your kids are as devious evil curious as mine, then ELF cosmetics are for you, good quality stuff that’s inexpensive enough that when your son uses your eyeshadow as pixie dust or your lipgloss as cat paint, you will be able to laugh… a lot sooner than when the kid painted your entire wardrobe w/acrylic paint.

Recap: To host, grab the “Share” code from the above SnazL widget, post it on your site, and add your link below in the comments. To only watch, just show up here or at any of the sites listed below- To chat, register at SnazL and show up here, or at any of the below sites at 2 EST!

I hope to “see” you tomorrow TODAY at 2pm EST, and any help spreading the word via Twitter or Facebook  would be fanfuckingtastic, thanks in advance.

While we’re in the SnazL, (and before, if you’re there early!) please jump in and share some of your favorite songs and video by clicking the gray square+ icon “Add Media” button– keep it clean, this is a family show folks!

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