Back from cutting monstrously over sized Christmas tree in Iowa. Keep trimming it back, trimming it back, trimming it back so the kids have a place to play in the living room. We put our decorations on it, but they all look too small for it. “I’m going to have to make bigger ornaments” I say out loud to nobody in particular – every time I pass by the tree. It’s still a little unbelievable to me that this huge monster tree is in our house. Now I keep thinking of what type of ornaments to put on it’s crazy long branches. I finally realize that I don’t have to put all the decoration on our tree that good intentioned (but ungifted with knowledge of my particular tastes) relatives have given to us to put on it if I don’t want to. It takes all kinds of things to uncover the kinks in ones belief system I guess, in fact sometimes, it takes a monster tree.

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  1. Creative Catharsis
    Creative Catharsis says:

    A little secret: I only just year was able to get rid of some given Christmas things that I didn’t like. Guilt-free.

    But I still have some. Still working on those particular kinks. 🙂 (Not to mention I’m not going to go spend lots of money buying all the decorations/household things that ARE my tastes. Our home is a marriage of things we LOVE that we chose ourselves and things we use and only sort of like that were given to us. As long as I have light, good light, I don’t mind if I have an ugly desk that I never liked but bought anyway.)

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