The day started with a fight, and nothing to wear. Cole went to the gallery to get the lighting right, I went shopping. I bought a pair of Seven jeans, and a linen Ralph Loren top, and a few Banana Republic tee shirts, and a slinky black runched sleeveless number from BCBG, also a cute little Benetton short coat, a sleeveless sweater with a cowl collar from Anne Klein, a pair of red Chuck tailors for Ethan, and pair of low rise Levis and some nice brown shoes for Cole. In that short shopping trip, even with both children doing their best renditions of what it’s like to shop with children, I felt more accomplished and proficient and proud of myself than I could have had I cleaned the whole house top to bottom, made a month’s worth of meal plans, and baked a fresh loaf of bread every day for 2 weeks. The day ended beautifully, and damn didn’t Cole and I look good in our new jeans.

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  1. Creative Catharsis
    Creative Catharsis says:

    *Sigh*…..that sounds like so much fun.

  2. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    OK, The part I left out Rae, is that I went to ye’ ole’ local thrift store and got it all for the bargain price of $26. I just really needed to feel decadent when I wrote it all down the other day.

  3. Creative Catharsis
    Creative Catharsis says:

    You know what? You can’t even get “quality” Wal-Mart stuff at our thrift store….it is the thriftiest thrift store around. Well done, you!! What a bargain. (And you can still feel decadent. Quality itself is decadent.)

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