I was never discovered as a supermodel on a city subway…

I just posted the curriculum for the abundance group meetings on my web site. It’s a little surreal to me still that this is really what I’m doing and what I’m excited about doing. I know that I have always wanted to be in some way a teacher, a catalyst for people to change the way they think, but for some reason I thought it would all just fall in my lap, like how supermodels are discovered in city subways. I thought maybe, I’d be doing something unrelated and perhaps, by luck, I would be asked to speak about such and such. But here I am, getting exactly what I want, because I chose to do it myself. And I think, this really is not such a big deal, this is not the “Oprah ah ha” moment that I’m making it into, all I did was decide I wanted to do something and pursued it. On the other hand, this is huge, I got off the subway and decided to drive my own car. When did I make the shift from the victim of circumstance to the creator of it? I mean, I could pay lipservice to creating my reality before but I was just sitting in the passenger seat of my car expecting it to move on it’s own.

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  1. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Strange, isn’t it, that some of the very best gifts in our lives were the results of very deliberate choices? When you think of how, as a culture, we live off of dreams–visions of things we want to happen, visions often devoid of the path that led to those things. Dreaming isn’t deliberate. Doing is deliberate. Well done!

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