The throwing up of the hands with her back arched while screaming is a hilariously epic move, she’s nearly ready for prime time. The fit actually lasted about 6 minutes, but this 30 seconds pretty much sums up the terrible twos. (I shot this video with my Nokia N97 and edited it with Windows Movie Maker.)

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  1. steve garfield
    steve garfield says:



    I see remix possibilities.

    and BTW, N97? Hmmm… You like it?

  2. Melissa Pierce
    Melissa Pierce says:

    Steve, I do like the N97, camera is good – at least the back camera, the front camera is not that great. Some apps have a problem connecting going online if wi-fi is already connected, and I’m still sad that even though I can connect via wi-fi instead of using my cellphone service, I can’t make free VOIP to phone calls using it – there is some kind of block on it. BUT, most importantly, the video camera is pretty hot stuff.

  3. Rachel Boatright DeVault
    Rachel Boatright DeVault says:

    Let’s get our “terrible” two-year-olds together sometime, and see if we can’t make a homemade explosion.

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