Domains I Have Known

My year in review as told by domain names I’ve purchased and what I intended to use them for:

ALPHAWAVENATION.COM – Was going to be a collaborative book on creativity

COOCHSMOOCH.COM – Marketplace for “Chapstick for your other lips”

COOCHSMOOCH.ME – Virtual kiss-grams for your favorite cooches

DROPKNOWLEDGEON.ME – 1 minute how-to videos

FASHIONFOREWARNED.COM/TV – DIY Fashion Videos like how to make pants out of trashbags.

GHETTOPROFIT.COM – Stories of profitable businesses with ugly offices

INCHJEANSWEAR.COM – Pants with button elastics (like for toddlers but for grownups)

LATHERANDSTROKE.COM – His and Hers soaps, lotions, and potions

MILDLYCREEPY.COM – Photos of things that are just kinda’ creepy

PITCHCONF.COM – A conference for learning how to pitch to any audience

POWERMUFFGIRLZ.COM – Animated series of superhero beavers that disguise themselves as earmuffs

REMIXREVOLT.COM – I have no idea

REVULVALUTION.COM – photos of things that look like vulvas but aren’t


SQUAREPEG.COM – ultimate job search site

UNPLAN.IT – social network for people who don’t plan anything

WEAREWINNINGTHEFUTURE.COM – aggregator for status updates/tweets with WTF in them.


Some of them I actually did something with, most not. 2011 has certainly been a fine one for domain names. I bet you’ve got some good ones too.

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    I’m trying to remember why I bought rainbowblast.com at 3am again the other night.

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