WW2 care package never opened.

Cole’s granfather, Leroy Pierce, had this package sent to him while he was a POW in Germany. It was returned to his parents unopened August 3rd 1945, the year the war ended and Leroy was freed. I took a few photos of it with my phone- there it sits a full 63 years later, wrapped with twine, contents listed clearly on the deteriorating cardboard – unoped. We will take a video of Leroy talking about it tomorrow maybe.

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  1. sarah b.
    sarah b. says:

    wow that is so interesting. I love family history. Why hasn’t he opened it? Who sent it to him?

  2. Rae
    Rae says:

    That is incredible!! It makes me wish I was right there right now with my camera. Holy cow. Amazing.

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