My Newest Business Card

New Business Card

New Business Card

I have my hands in so many projects, I never know what to put on these things. I”m pretty sure this is the dilemma of most modern day entrepreneurs – too many plates to spin, not enough room to spin them. I tried to use Occum”s razor to pair down what I do, cut out most of the businesses that were still ideas and not actually producing anything yet. I also cut out anything I identified myself with that I haven”t currently done in over a year (thus the title Life Coach fell away) I thought Filmmaker was a given, but then… Risktaker and Cakebaker? While both are true, they are total cop-outs, I put them there because they rhymed with filmmaker. Business Cards are just too small these days to convey all that I am doing, although I don”t seem to have any problem crowding in the nonsense.  Does this happen to you too?

(also – does your wordpress theme continuously add extra apostrophes”””””” when you update a post too?)