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When I interviewed Seth Godin for Life In Perpetual Beta, Seth gave me an action figure of himself that he had made for a charity event. I intended to keep it as a collectible, but my children had other plans for it. As far as heroes go, I guess it’s not a bad choice. Also, note that Seth demonstrates “The Dip” in this short, but keeps on pushing through it. Good job Seth.

I filmed this indoors at night with my Nokia N97 phone, edited with iMovie.

The last few weeks of summer before school starts, a montage happily compiled for grandparents and far away friends. I shot all of this footage with my Nokia N97 and edited with a template in iMovie.

The throwing up of the hands with her back arched while screaming is a hilariously epic move, she’s nearly ready for prime time. The fit actually lasted about 6 minutes, but this 30 seconds pretty much sums up the terrible twos. (I shot this video with my Nokia N97 and edited it with Windows Movie Maker.)