A few months back, I had shown Maxine, the owner and namesake of Maxine Salon how to use twitter (follow her), and although I wouldn’t take her money, I did tell her I’d take a rain-check on some free haircare once the rough cut was done. I promised myself that once I got the rough cut for Life In Perpetual Beta done, I’d also cut my hair. A few months later I am back at Salon Maxine, one of the top 100 Salon’s in the country. It’s a momentous occasion for me, a haircut that marks a point in time where I can say I did something big,  A haircut that I’m grateful to have before I film the narrative!

Soliderity Forever!I was feeling a little under dressed in my bike helmet and Converse in that classy place, but my stylist, Severn, helped put me right at ease by showing me his shoes. Solidarity forever yall…   Feeling a little classier now that I’ve got a new haircut, but I’m still me.

locks of love

I donated my hair to Locks of Love, a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer. If you are going to donate your hair, keep in mind that the hair has to be at least 10 inches long. I made the mistake of cutting mine shorter than that, but the people I emailed at locks of love said they could sell the hair I sent them so not to feel too bad. (Severn, you were right!)

Found this gem while I was logging tapes of my interview with Biz Stone for Life In Perpetual Beta, proving a point that I have been desperately refuting for years, I do indeed talk to myself – sometimes even on camera. Shit. Read more

It took me 4 nap times to get it all down on paper, and another 2 to make the accompanying video, but I finally did it! I wrote the e-book that people have been asking me for – so yall’ can stop asking me about making one at conferences and such. Some of the tips are things I picked up by making mistakes myself, and some of them I picked up by watching the professionals that helped me film Life In Perpetual Beta, and some more of them were from e-mails I got from Steve Garfield who lovingly said, “Hey, you are doing it wrong, here is a better way.”

If you have been timid about video blogging, the contents of my e-book should give you enough know how to sit yourself down and hit the record button. You can buy Video Blogging For Beginners on Lulu for $6.25, all proceeds going to the Life In Perpetual Beta film fund.