Seth Godin To The Rescue

When I interviewed Seth Godin for Life In Perpetual Beta, Seth gave me an action figure of himself that he had made for a charity event. I intended to keep it as a collectible, but my children had other plans for it. As far as heroes go, I guess it’s not a bad choice. Also, note that Seth demonstrates “The Dip” in this short, but keeps on pushing through it. Good job Seth.

I filmed this indoors at night with my Nokia N97 phone, edited with iMovie.

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  1. Micah Baldwin
    Micah Baldwin says:

    just wait until they get the Micah Baldwin action figure. Of course, they wont be able to lift it, and it will not “go to the rescue,” because it will be afraid to pull something. Perhaps it will just “sit there” and “be snarky.”

  2. Matches Malone
    Matches Malone says:

    Impressive. Of course, one might wonder why this was a job for, Seth Godin!!!

  3. Jeff Ogden
    Jeff Ogden says:

    very cute clip and very entertaining. love seeing Seth as an Action Hero. Let’s book him for Iron Man 2! Loved Iron Man movie, Seth.

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