I do not know why dad signed me up for Gmail.Mom I bring lunch. My
teachers name is rob. He dos not like to be called Mr. Yes I have
met cool kids but being bad with names I forgot their names. My new
room finely has the posters up and the computer is working. I do not
know if I have to learn the metric system. I do know about 5 words but
I cant spell them

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  1. kimnlana
    kimnlana says:

    to boy #1. you know five more words in the metric system than we know. also. girl #2 (redhead) want s to know if you still have chandelier in your room. she wants one too. girl #1 wants to know more about your teacher named rob. she may be off her man diet. finely. the good ones don’t fit in kindereggs. just a joke. we both miss you. girl #2 didn’t forget your gift that she forgt the first time. gift is coming later and so is a letter from girl #1. perhaps from san francisco.

    signed kim & lana (girl #1 & #2), email redheadedsnippet@hotmail.com and xuanlana@gmail.com

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