Q: What coult be better than flint rocks and gasoline?

Preparing for a week long camping trip to Madison, WI via Winnipeg MB (that’s in Canada). Promises to be a small adventure for a 7 months pregnant fritter eating cowgirl and her trusty herd of boys at her side. Cole is still away in Portland, it feels like it is just going to drag on. Funny, I used to look forward to getting time without him, and now I can’t sleep at night, must have something to do with the bachelor party aspect of it, or, perhaps it’s the preparing to send boy #1 to his dad’s for the winter coupled with lost travel documents, or, maybe it’s that I need to get laid, or I’m not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids, or maybe the fact that I’m peeing every 10 minutes has something to do with it. Looking forward to camping though, it should be fun to hike with Cole and boy #2 through whatever wilderness. Little tiny baby feet navigating nature trails. We’re driving in 4 hour stints from one state park to another. “Moterin’ One more time tonight”… Working on getting excited about it anyway, would rather douse it all and send it up in flames for a weekend on a mountain by myself.

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