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Proof That I Talk to Myself, and a Few Other Things

Found this gem while I was logging tapes of my interview with Biz Stone for Life In Perpetual Beta, proving a point that I have been desperately refuting for years, I do indeed talk to myself – sometimes even on camera. Shit. Cole (once again) has my number, he’s been telling me that I talk to myself for a while now. Watching the video proved a few other things to me that were not abundantly transparent as well. How could I not be aware about how much I get off on preparing? I can see it in my eyes! And the way I compliment myself? You know I am truly in the moment of getting the shot perfect, psyching myself up for my interview.  I do at least look like I know what I’m doing setting up that shot don’t I? Maybe that’s why people keep asking me about how to do video – because before I watched this I just thought they were nuts! Chances are though,  most of those folks asking me for advice are nuts, it’s apparent that I am (clearly it’s me in that blue room talking to myself) and if I’m nuts and people are asking me for advice – clearly they are out of their freakin’ gourds. Another point, I need a haircut. Another point, I’ve come a long way from the shaky interview I did with Dan Pink in a crowded cafe back in May of 2008, and that’s pretty rad. I don’t know if it proves anything to you, but it made me laugh to find this footage of me talking to myself on an interview reel, maybe it’d make someone else laugh too. Good times.

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  1. Peter Weissenstein
    Peter Weissenstein says:

    Melissa –
    I loved this! And you’re such a natural on camera. You sure you’re on the right side of the lens when you are shooting?????

  2. Joe Sullivan (@ITChE)
    Joe Sullivan (@ITChE) says:

    Your human?!…like omg…I thought you were like this superstar diva or something. MP you like blow…my…mind. Did you actually tag this “melissa pierce looks better than biz stone”?

  3. john k.
    john k. says:

    Wow, you clean-up pretty good when you don’t have some kid screaming at you or chasing some kid with a pooper scooper in the playground.

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