Permission Slip

child skull

skull of 6yr old boy



“Dental records must contain


dental profile and/or x-rays


of sufficient detail for





A:Why would anyone need to identify my son by his dental records at a week long summer camp?

B: What exactly occurred at this camp in years past that would necessitate that verbiage on the permission slip in the first place?

C: I have  watched enough CSI episodes and summer camp slasher movies to know that identifying someone by their dental records is not a good thing. Do I let my teenage son go to such a camp?

It is a permission slip for summer camp for heaven sakes!

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  1. Dave Friedel
    Dave Friedel says:

    Did you not see Friday the 13th? The original one?? 😉

  2. Timothy
    Timothy says:

    That sounds so very very wrong. Wouldn”t they only have to use dental records when nothing else can be used??? What. The. F.

  3. Joe Sullivan
    Joe Sullivan says:

    Timothy- WTF, is right! That”s crazy! Why would they not use DNA in this day and age?

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