We’ve been so busy lately. Cole had his opening at the Block Museum and his work looks really great there. It was a whole family effort though to get it underway! Whew. (The picture is of us in front of the Block Museum’s tulips.)Then there was my Attractive Attraction Coalition of Chicago meeting to plan for, then there was the Children’s books to write, and the Children… Oh and, did I mention all the planning and research that’s going into the new business that Cole and I are starting…. That’s right, stay tuned kids… Loose lips sink ships, so when we get the trademarking and licensing out of the way, I’ll put it in my blog, until then .. / .-.. — …- . / -.– — ..- morse code.

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  1. Creative Catharsis
    Creative Catharsis says:

    Don’t know if I’m just dumb or what, but I got a really weird translation for that little Morse message. 🙂 I love that Adel is munching on a tulip. Wonder what they taste like.

  2. Creative Catharsis
    Creative Catharsis says:

    Phill saw the picture, which we love, and laughed so hard because he didn’t even SEE Adel until I pointed her out! Little baby hiding in the tulips….

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