Graduate school is just not for families anymore

Cole has been gone from sunup to sundown for the better part of a two weeks. Today he spent 11 hours at school, Critiques tomorrow. Tomorrow, he’ll be first, so he’ll be out early again, maybe 8 or 9am. He told me he’d be home late, maybe 10pm or 12am. Critiques are over at 6pm… even if he went out for drinks, 4-6hrs of drinks? I realize that I don’t get out much these days with two little ones and everything, but 6 hours? Maybe he’s keeping up with the current art school crowd, perhaps he forgot that he is somebody’s daddy, or is trying to forget. So, I made a deal with him, really, there is no deal, I told him that’s the way it’s going to be, and I intend to stick to it, regardless of how daunting a task it seems. Whatever amount of time he stays out after class tomorrow, I will be staying out the following Friday night. Anyone want to go out? Or, better yet, anyone want to have a quick cup of tea and then let me that a good long nap at their house?

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  1. Creative Catharsis
    Creative Catharsis says:

    You sound so sad. And he sounds oblivious. Wish you could come here and take your long-wished for long nap.

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