Every morning I wake up and click… pursue an interest, and click, pursue another… and associate that interesting bit with another here, which I look up, and another here, which I investigate into minutia… into fractals into tiny bits and bytes and break it downs until finally finally finally…  I surprise myself with the knowledge that indeed, these connections I have just made, these connections that didn’t exist before, this eureka moment where I find myself and have found myself, these took just seconds to come to a pulling together of disparate far flung ideas and now are a lashing together of new thoughts, igniting a  passion I never knew existed, a new idea to get excited about… another domain to buy… and I wonder, creativity, how anyone could think linearly again… Every morning I wake up, I dig through new information, and I find myself reborn, reinvented, remixed and rebelling against what I was the day before… but I find myself, daily, before my feet even hit the floor.


(I wrote this for a TED audition I was too late to enter – I hope to post as a performance piece later in the week anyway, It’s a small part of a 10 minute monologue on associative learning, creativity, and the internet – and is certainly a fun one to deliver in under 60 seconds)

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