Dinner and Serendipity

Last year, I read about this incredible event a gentleman named Jim Haynes has been hosting in his Paris home.  Every Sunday night for the past 30 years, 30-40 strangers reserve a spot at Jim’s table and attend a feast, it’s a first come/first serve system where a different friend prepares the feast each night. After I read about Jim, I vowed to be more like him, inviting more strangers and more adventure into my life… the year passed without much of either.  Last night however, Cole and went to a dinner party at the home of a couple we had never met before, and it was wonderful.  Weirdly, the invite had actually come as a friend request on Facebook, the couple had just moved into the city and found me through a series serendipitous social network connections, and were quite frank in their invite that they wanted to make new friends in the city.  I admire the way these two weren’t shy in culling us out into the real world. How very different they are from most of my Chicago friends (whom I still only know in the ether of the internet.)

I remember being known as the woman who walked across a crowded room to meet new people, what ever happened to her? I’m totally bringing her back this year. I hope you cull out a little more social too.

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