Dancing Past Midnight

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It is hard to believe but the first edition of Life In Perpetual Beta is almost complete, and yes, I am just as surprised as you are that I have actually managed to get this far. Who would have thunk that a year ago a woman with no experience, no connections, and no idea what she was doing would be in the final stages of wrapping up a documentary film? I did not even think it was going to happen, yet, here I am, writing this blog post, answering emails from distribution companies and scheduling screenings at conferences, and I could not have done it without you.

Every time I thought the project was too big for me, you stepped in with encouragement, every time I was faced with an obstacle I just could not overcome, you showed me a way around, and when I admitted I could not even afford the airfare to get to an interview with Seth Godin, in less than 10 minutes, you not only got me a plane ticket, but had arranged a place to stay, paid for dinners, and offered enough cheer-leading to ensure that I would float to New York on a cloud of gratitude.

At the risk of sounding like an absolute cheese ball, it has been a Cinderella story between you and me, only we are all going to the ball, and Prince Charming is not a person but a movie we are all so excited to meet. The clock is about to chime, but this dance is going to go on well past midnight.

All that is left to finish and show the first Life In Perpetual Beta film (yes, there will be more) is a little professional work on the audio and all the things that go into premiering it at film festivals and distributing it on DVD. It  is going to cost around $7000 and I was invited to raise the funds on Kickstarter to do it, only this time I am offering more than a t-shirt for your support, I am offering early release DVDs and tickets to film festival screenings,  I am offering private group screenings and Q&As with whichever of my 40 interviewees I can get there, I am offering copies of the original interviews and and rights to make your own cut of the film. Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraising platform, so if we do not raise $7000 by June 6th, Life In Perpetual Beta gets nothing. If we do however – our film will be honeymooning with audiences all over the world.

Please pledge to support Life In Perpetual Beta on Kickstarter and after you do, tell everyone who it will make a difference to to do the same, digg it, stumble it, tweet it, reblog it. The money will not be taken out of your account until we reach our goal in June, and June really is the perfect month to break out those glass slippers.

Thank you so very very very much,


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