Creepy Toys Are Back for the Holidays

I don’t mind when a toy manufacturer goes all out to promote a product, I really don’t. It’s when they all do it together around the holidays that it gets to me. In Target the other day there were at least 3 toys in every single aisle that were jumping out at me. Case in point: The Baby Alive dolls in the video scared the crap out of me, all of them jumping up and down in their zip tied cribs giggling as I walked by – that’s just not right, toys should not be self animated! At least the one my kids are obsessed with (Bigfoot the Monster) has a button you have to push… We have stood in Target for well over an hour pushing it’s buttons, of course, those aren’t the only buttons being pushed. Christmas shopping with kids is close to martyrdom.  It’s no better at home as the Bigfoot Toy has it’s own Facebook app, which my kids are also obsessed with… you can make the thing act out it’s moods… which we do all day… and enter to win one… which we’ve also done (what am I thinking!)  Makes me paranoid about what toy manufacturers are planning to startle us all into buying online this coming Monday.

The markers who are killing me at Christmas are the same ones who paid me to write this post.

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