As you may or may not know, Panasonic recently invited me to be their guest this year at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  I saw a ton of cool electronics, but this is not a blog post about that.

I took the opportunity to schedule an interview with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh for my film Life In Perpetual Beta. (I used the HD camera Panasonic gifted me, OMG, wait till you see that interview – beautiful!) And with the interview I got a tour of the Zappos office… and the Zappos office… it’s a little like that dream as a kid where you wake up and toys are falling from the ceiling. The place is fun and alive, and empowering.  We played in the hallways, had a duel, made announcements to the staff and generally had a great time, because we felt included, invited.  When was the last time you felt that in a cubical setting?

They even have a resident life coach. How about that?  Just in case you want someone to help you untangle your intentions, he is there for you, with a variety or crowns and tiaras for you to put upon your lil’ worthwhile head.

It’s a rare occasion that one immediately feels included, wanted and valued in a group situation, where everyone’s voice matters, even an outsider’s voice. This was one of those rare occasions.

And now to include you – Because I have this extra copy of Wikinomics with a Zappos sticker inside the front cover you see, and it’s special. Very special.

So, Wikinomics.

Do you want me to mail it to you?

With a personal note from me?

And a batch of cookies I just baked?

Maybe some confetti?

If yes, leave me a comment, I’ll pick a winner at random early on Monday morning, make you some cookies, write you a heartfelt letter that afternoon, and send you a little package of love via the USPS before 5pm CST Monday night.

Google Android Exclusive from Melissa Pierce on Vimeo.

Did you see how Google had Loren Feldman of 1938 Media announce the Android Phone? Wonder why they didn’t pick me? … Check out 3 in the end… he thinks the sock yells “hendricksoooooock!” (It’s Hendrickson)

So, I’ve been watching these DVD sent to me by a coaching school that wants to sponsor my movie – and I’m trying to be objective, trying not to judge, trying to see if they would be a good fit before I take their money and pay all the people working on the film that are currently working for free… There is of course a problem.  I love their stuff, I can’t be objective, I suck at weighing sponsorship have/have nots.   I suck at being objective about anything I’m emotionally invested in.  But then, I’m thinking, so – what I’ve been asking for is to find someone to help pay for the film that is 100% in alignment with what I’m doing.  A tall order right?  And I think I’ve found that someone – But this unattractive residue from a life less trusting is still hanging on to the rims of my cup, I see it and wonder if I can truly listen to my heart in matters of money.  Maybe I’ve been watching too many made for TV movies about deceitful lovers, I can’t say.

I guess I’ll just take a leap and use thier money and make a spectacular movie.