While in New York for the 140 Conference recently, I had the chance to get interviewed by Ameeda Chowdhury, the CEO of a cool new social communications tool called SnazL.

My friend Lyndsay said it best: “Ameeda’s created a virtual living room called a “SnazL”, where folks can interact around content in real time- a sort of www campfire where you can chat, draw, and see what your friends are doing, all in synchronicity.”

My interview (part of a series leading up to the ELF Blogher party) goes live at 2 pm EST Tuesday July 14th at Snazl, as well as whatever other sites have chosen to host it. Let me know if you want to host on your blog or website too! We’ll be chatting about parenthood, filmmaking, make-up, trying to stay sane & inspired at the same time, and whatever. Anyone can watch, (no registration needed) but if you’d like to chat and possibly win one of 5 $25 ELF gift cards, sign up at www.snazL.com prior to the chat! 2 of these gift cards will be given to those lucky souls who host chats on their sites.

During the SnazL chat, we’ll do the host giveaways, followed shortly by chances to win 3 more $25 ELF gift cards. If you’re like me and want to hide how tired you are with make-up, or your kids are as devious evil curious as mine, then ELF cosmetics are for you, good quality stuff that’s inexpensive enough that when your son uses your eyeshadow as pixie dust or your lipgloss as cat paint, you will be able to laugh… a lot sooner than when the kid painted your entire wardrobe w/acrylic paint.

Recap: To host, grab the “Share” code from the above SnazL widget, post it on your site, and add your link below in the comments. To only watch, just show up here or at any of the sites listed below- To chat, register at SnazL and show up here, or at any of the below sites at 2 EST!

I hope to “see” you tomorrow TODAY at 2pm EST, and any help spreading the word via Twitter or Facebook  would be fanfuckingtastic, thanks in advance.

While we’re in the SnazL, (and before, if you’re there early!) please jump in and share some of your favorite songs and video by clicking the gray square+ icon “Add Media” button– keep it clean, this is a family show folks!

It took me 4 nap times to get it all down on paper, and another 2 to make the accompanying video, but I finally did it! I wrote the e-book that people have been asking me for – so yall’ can stop asking me about making one at conferences and such. Some of the tips are things I picked up by making mistakes myself, and some of them I picked up by watching the professionals that helped me film Life In Perpetual Beta, and some more of them were from e-mails I got from Steve Garfield who lovingly said, “Hey, you are doing it wrong, here is a better way.”

If you have been timid about video blogging, the contents of my e-book should give you enough know how to sit yourself down and hit the record button. You can buy Video Blogging For Beginners on Lulu for $6.25, all proceeds going to the Life In Perpetual Beta film fund.

*revised to include text entries 2/11/09
As many of you know, picking up and using my family’s camcorder (hereto affectionately known as the “famcam”) changed my life. Had I not brought the famcam with me when I went to meet Daniel Pink, I would have never thought to make the film Life In Perpetual Beta and in the process met so many amazing people and experienced such great opportunities. Maybe it’s just great luck, but I have this thought that for me, holding a video camera granted me a kind of power & access to information that I would not have gotten to experience otherwise.

What I’d like to do is give you the opportunity to experience this empowerment too, so I’ve devised a little contest for you.

You can win an HD Camcorder like the one that Panasonic gave me.

All you have to do is respond either by text or video to this post (record a comment right here on the blog by clicking the Seesmic record button.) Just answer two of these three questions:

1. What does it mean to live Life In Perpetual Beta?

2. How has technology changed the way you think of yourself?

3. How has technology changed the way society behaves in general?

If you need an example, look at this video (Bill is not a contestant)

Submissions will be judged on creativity, authenticity, and probably some random trait the judges draw out of a hat on selection day which is Friday February 20th at 11:59pm CST

PS. If you want help getting the best quality video recording and such, go to www.LivinginHD.com and get tips from normal non tech people who have figured it out along the way, just like me! It’s been a very helpful site for me. And if you join the community, please look me up and friend me.

Technology changes things. Technology changes the way we think about ourselves and our society. Technology restructures the way we interact with one another. Technology changes lives. How has it changed yours?

Plaid cars. 

Mascots that could impail you on the shuttle bus

Mentioning people by their virtual identity and website instead of the name their mama gave them… even when sitting right beside them.

Potato cams

This is only the beginning.  The line between bitchin’ Cameros and people who eat glue is blurring. Holy shit.