From the archives: 5/7/2008

Mr. Godin,
I would like to interview you for a documentary I am compiling exploring the evolution of purpose (personal, social, technological).  Actually, I would be ecstatic honored and quite possibly wet my pants if you said yes to an interview for my film.  It’s working title at the moment is “Life in Perpetual Beta“.  We have an interesting line-up of creatives, techies, life coaches, authors etc. that we are interviewing [ Sidney Levy, Nova Spivak, Dan Pink to name a few].  I think that your personal style would really kick ass and fit with our message. (ala Dan Pink “there is no plan” or Yoda “there is no try only do”  – how social networking and collaborative economy is changing the shape of society and shifting the way we think about work).  It may turn out to be the irreverent whorish bastard child of “the secret” with a heart of gold, thus making it world famous or it may just be another blurb that gets put up on Youtube, but all the same, I’d love to get a few moments of your time to interview you.  Please do let me know if you would grant me the honor of an interview.

In gathering information for Life in Perpetual Beta the book (common’ you knew it was coming) I looked through my old interview pitch emails. I didn’t know Seth Godin from Adam at the time to tell you honestly, but my tribe told me I had to have him, so I made an impassioned plea… was even ready to pee my pants… then had the audacity to mention honor… still hard to believe, I did eventually get the interview, You can see it here.

I got an interesting call the other day from a Rabbi, “Hello, is this Melissa Pierce?”


“I would like you to help my school win a Facebook contest.”


The school flew me out to Brooklyn for a meeting, I taught them how to build a Facebook page, I explained twitter, I explained that when I helped Friendship circle in the Chasegiving campaign they were relentless in getting votes. I explained that it would be hard, very hard, for a school that had no social media presence or persistance to make a Facebook contest work. They said they would give it their all. I flew back to Chicago.

Two weeks have passed since then, and there hasn’t been much happening with their Facebook account, or their twitter account, or with their PR efforts, yet  they stay in the top twenty of the Kohl’s Cares contest, which is all they have to do to win the $500,000 Kohl’s is giving away… huh? (again)

I ask them, “What are you doing to get these votes?”  They tell me, “We sent out an email to the parents and donors, we’re walking with laptops at events and in shopping malls, we’re asking diners at restaurants we frequent, we’re reaching out to our community.”

DUH! Why didn’t I think of that! Community: Holy freaking crap. Even without all the social media mumbo jumbo that gets spewed all over the internet about engagement and community online, they are winning a Facebook contest without it. They have a real life social network, and it’s winning… on the internet.

Go figure, and go vote for them, the word all over the street is that the school needs a new roof and all you have to do is vote of Facebook to help them. Of course, if you live anywhere near Crown Street in Brooklyn you’ve probably had a bearded fellow in a kippah approach you with a laptop already.

There has been a lot of talk lately about how women and minorities are not represented at tech/music/film industry events and conferences, or how these same minorities are not getting funding at the same rate as their white male counterparts.

There has been a lot of educated talk as to why this disparity still exists and what needs to be fixed. A lot of very smart people are convinced that it’s not about the tiny undercurrent of sexism/racism/whateverism that persists in these spaces, but that there are bright brilliant people out there with great ideas who just don’t know how to properly make their voice heard in these types of environments. Up to this point though, it has been mostly talk.

It comes as no surprise that I took some action does it?

Not only am I getting out there and pitching my ideas more often, I designed a conference for you to  better hone your skills at pitching yourself, your businesses, and your ideas too; a conference that would not only educate the attendees on how to pitch, but elevate you to have the confidence to actually do it. This is your call to action.

Pitch Refinery in Chicago, held on Sept 22nd and 23rd 2012. My team and I will be working with some of the top trainers, presenters, venture capitalists, publishers, and business owners we know to help you get out there and be heard,  because it’s time to quit bitching and start pitching, don’t you think?

Found this gem while I was logging tapes of my interview with Biz Stone for Life In Perpetual Beta, proving a point that I have been desperately refuting for years, I do indeed talk to myself – sometimes even on camera. Shit. Read more