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Q: Qi, what’s it to you?

A three hour scrabble game in which for the first time in all our years, Cole won, ensued last night. 30 points on his first turn out with ‘maze’ I followed with ‘moment’ … And there somewhere, Cole pulled one of my moves out of the basket and played ‘qi’ for another 30 points. Another […]

Q: Monkeys, where did you go?

Here we are, nearly recovered from a week of sleeping on the ground and peeing outside. I am awful glad to see my bed, although it does not do much to alleviate my current dilemma. I’m ready to explode with sexual tension, my clitoris once again unreachable in any position due to my ever growing […]

Q: Who’s triumphant?

*Was an Assirian King and guided a pharoe to the spirit world via the north star*Watched an old man drive triumphantly down our street with Bach blaring*Watched Boy#2 march triumphantly down our hall while drinking a bottle of Astroglide.