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Travis Bean

Have you ever seen a Travis Bean guitar? It has a solid aluminum neck and center section that runs through the guitar’s body, a T cutout – the pickups are directly mounted to the aluminum – the sound is incredible.  I used to own one, or at least, I lived in the same house with […]


Lover Tongue Bouquet

He hands you a bouquet of pink lilies, velvety soft beauties dripping dew. You put your face into the flowers to smell them, they lick your nose. He says “I’ve collected the tongues of all my lovers and arranged them just so.” You recoil as the petals move and wrap around one another. You realize […]


Digital Murmuration Network

Starlings, like elementary particles, have their own spin and can react to other starlings’ movement in a less than a hundredth of a second. Information flows through flocks of starlings instantaneously which allows the birds to behave like fluid molecules at constant speeds. Scientists would rather believe that starlings behave like liquid helium than that […]


Sunday Morning Brunch

The trophy wives gathered for brunch at the usual spot. Those that married pro athletes compared diamonds; artists’ wives compared hardships. “Oh honey it’s 11.2 carats, for the first few weeks my finger ached from lifting it.” She looked tired. “Dinner last night, was ramen and curried catchup, but we’ve finally saved enough for ultramarine!” […]