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Ninja Parlor Tricks

It was a mistake to make a parlor trick of her wall walking, the ninja thought, now people thrilled at the silent sound of her footfall before she dispatch them. They died with delight in their eyes, her employers wouldn’t like that. Still, the party had been extremely edifying for the ninja. It was nice […]


Your Protagonist is a Shadow

Your protagonist has a broken wing, your protagonist is dying, your protagonist is idolized by a race that lived in the edges of your shadow. Your protagonist is shadow, your protagonist eats shadow, your protagonist is a carnival of black auroras. Your protagonist is writers block. Your protagonist is writing. Your protagonist is flying. Your […]


Barista Time Travel

Yesterday I met my old barista Pippa, in the street… her red hair flowing, baby on her hip… and it was like watching my life on replay. “Remember when I used to pour your coffee? Remember when I thought that that was as good as life would get for me?” Did we both ask that […]