What I’ve done before:

I’ve had a lot of identities over the years: A marketer, a mother, a barista, a model, a fashionista, an entrepreneur, a creatives coach, a cocktail waitress, a truck driver, a college dropout, a mensa member, a filmmaker, a business owner, a coder, an event organizer, a project manager, a C Suite, and a cheerleader for women in tech. More generally I’m an interested participant in life, living, and learning everything I can.

What I’m Doing Now:

Currently, I’m building a women’s cannabis wellness community, Ellementa, where I am the COO/CTO.

I’m making a documentary film about computer pioneer and badass woman Grace Hopper.

I’m on the board of Chicago community resource NFP mRelief.

A few years ago:

I worked as the COO to take this company: Everpurse from a kickstarter darling to a internationally recognized fashion/tech company. Though I hung up my spurs, I’m still on the board.

I headed the coding org  Chicago Women Developers to make it a great place for ANYONE in and interested in programming to be welcome and thrive. It still exists and is run by some great organizers, you should check it out.

I was a former boardmember at the awesome NFP Hollaback.org

I CoChaired for the Affinity Alliance of NCWIT.

I organized a conference designed to help women pitch VCs, the media, and customers effectively: Pitch Conference.

What I Plan on Doing in The Future:

I value opportunity much more than I value plans. If you have an opportunity you want to discuss with me, send me a tweet.