Recently fellow genius blogger Clay Collins posted on the price of radical growth. Per his usual, his post was intelligent, witty, and insightful, however, this time, his usual devil may care attitude sounded a little bit depressing. What gives I ask? We can chalk it up to maybe a tiny bit of 2am blogging oversight, and possibly some inexperience as being the sudden golden boy of “keepin’ it real self growth”. Whatever the hang up, he forgot to point out rapid [personal]growth is not a go it alone all or nothing process. Although he was spot on about noting that sometimes rapid growth is not worth sacrificing your family or career for.

This is where I put yet another plug for my profession: Radical growth can be fucking scary as all hell, but if you recognize your in the middle of it – find someone who’s been there done that to help you navigate, or hire a life coach to help you with the big picture while you grapple with the details. Our society puts way to much pressure on us to “go it alone”, and that friggin’ loner hero cowboy bullshit is really getting old. OK, stepping down from the soapbox.

Sometimes, yeah – when we grow relationships and entire modalities of living are lying by the wayside… I’ve got a very personal relationship with outgrowing my surroundings, leaving them behind, setting them up on fire, running away and starting again. But sometimes, your relationships and modalities grow with you – And that my friends is the sweetest most surreal radical growth ever. Maybe I’m out of line for saying this too, but I think this is more of a maturity and respect issue – if you do fucking know who you are, and what you want, then respecting yourself and others enough to be forthcoming with the direction in which your heading and why is “half the battle” (“and knowing is half the battle” – GI Joe)…

Ok, so life has been moving at warp speed lately, and contrary to what you might think, I’m loving it. The kids are great, Cole is good, Cain is nearly a teenager- so there is nothing we can do about him- But, I am fabulous too. Just trying to hold on tight and stay on the ride. Just wish I could find a reliable assistant to keep track of everything I’m committed to doing.

Productivity, I’ve been thinking and writing about it for a while now, working on trying to figure out how it fit’s into the creative thinkers puzzle, but lately I’ve had quite a mental block in the creative writing department, I attribute this to a procrastination virus I must’ve downloaded by mistake, perhaps some informational blog I mistook to be compatible with my Op system was in all actuality, not. It is possible however, that the viral program has long been lurking in my subconscious for some time now and only shows up when a particular sequence of thoughts fires…. but this one was interesting, it was a Trojan horse, masquerading as productivity! It manifested itself in the usual ways: Sitting down to my computer, I’d write my grocery list instead of my next blog post. Taking the kids to the park became just another check box on my way to the store, and the enjoyment of a shower became placed into one of four different quadrants of urgency and importance.
You’d think that the fact that showering always ended up in the non-urgent non-important quadrant would’ve tipped me off after a week, but seems I don’t mind a dirty itchy head as long as I’m “getting things done”. The Problem is with this particular virus (besides the ever increasing stink of BO) is, I wasn’t really getting anything done.

So, how did I finally figure that out I even had the virus? I collapsed from exhaustion! Seems that along with rerouting my normal creative process into a list maker, it also sets up my system for overload and inevitably, I crashed. I was forced to do absolutely nothing, and I had no other choice but to accept it.

I know what you’re thinking: I’m going to say, this adverse event in my life really helped me to see with clarity the error of my ways and put me back on the path to true enlightenment and greater productivity. Not so. What did it was that acceptance of well, nothing. So I had stuff to do, so what. If it wasn’t fun to do, it just wasn’t worth it.

I invited procrastination to take a seat on my coach, we two getting cookie crumbs between the seat cushions, reveling in each others sloth, We watched some funny videos on Youtube shared a microwave burrito and generally sat around. That’s when I recognizing procrastination for what it truly was, not an evil culprit bent on destroying the world, procrastination was my good friend, easily and effortlessly helping me navigate away from thoughts and ideas that didn’t apply to my own creative way of thinking, my specific operating system. And just like that, in those nothing moments, inspiration struck… Productivity, is a fuckin’ four letter word in the land of creativity.