Recently, I was asked how law of attraction applied to psychic premonition, I actually had to call around to have psychic premonition explained to me, Maria Salgado a reiki practitioner broke it down to me. My understanding is that psychic dreams and premonitions are intuition about vibrations that exist NOW. It’s like a freebie advanced notice from the Universe that if the energy continues on as-is this or that will happen, you can use these foretelling feelings to focus on and heighten what it is that you felt if it’s a good thing, or you can use them to send out a strong rocket of desire in the opposite direction or in a healing direction if it’s a bad thing. My more ‘sensitive’ friends and clients tend to agree that it is because they ALLOW themselves to be sensitive to the energy of the world around them that they receive these feeling messages much the way you described them, it also has been explained to me that the real trick is to not feel powerless when you get these feelings, we have been conditioned by pop culture to believe that foretelling future events suggests some kind of finite path and we are powerless to stop it, but really, because you are tuned in to your intuition about the current energy around you (That’s very good for you, by the way!) you do have the power to change or heighten the experience just by thinking and feeling about it. So, to answer your question, do you cause these things to happen by thinking and feeling about them, yes, the law of attraction applies to EVERYTHING , but cause is such a loaded word it can be hard to hear, so maybe I should say it’s because you ALLOW yourself to listen to your INSTINCT (read: emotional guidance system) that you are privy to what may or may not be in the works, and yes, you do have power to change what is happening, but in some instances, take foretelling the world trade center bombing for instance, the energy that you are feeling might have so much momentum that there is no stopping the event, you can only work on sending out healing energy and prayers.