I’m a Pitch

There has been a lot of talk lately about how women and minorities are not represented at tech/music/film industry events and conferences, or how these same minorities are not getting funding at the same rate as their white male counterparts.

There has been a lot of educated talk as to why this disparity still exists and what needs to be fixed. A lot of very smart people are convinced that it’s not about the tiny undercurrent of sexism/racism/whateverism that persists in these spaces, but that there are bright brilliant people out there with great ideas who just don’t know how to properly make their voice heard in these types of environments. Up to this point though, it has been mostly talk.

It comes as no surprise that I took some action does it?

Not only am I getting out there and pitching my ideas more often, I designed a conference for you to  better hone your skills at pitching yourself, your businesses, and your ideas too; a conference that would not only educate the attendees on how to pitch, but elevate you to have the confidence to actually do it. This is your call to action.

Pitch Refinery in Chicago, held on Sept 22nd and 23rd 2012. My team and I will be working with some of the top trainers, presenters, venture capitalists, publishers, and business owners we know to help you get out there and be heard,  because it’s time to quit bitching and start pitching, don’t you think?



What I’ve done before:

I’ve had a lot of identities over the years: A marketer, a mother, a barista, a model, a fashionista, an entrepreneur, a creatives coach, a cocktail waitress, a truck driver, a college dropout, a mensa member, a filmmaker, a business owner, a coder, an event organizer, a project manager, a C Suite, and a cheerleader for women in tech. More generally I’m an interested participant in life, living, and learning everything I can.

What I’m Doing Now:

Currently, I’m building a women’s cannabis wellness community, Ellementa, where I am the COO/CTO.

I’m making a documentary film about computer pioneer and badass woman Grace Hopper.

I’m on the board of Chicago community resource NFP mRelief.

A few years ago:

I worked as the COO to take this company: Everpurse from a kickstarter darling to a internationally recognized fashion/tech company. Though I hung up my spurs, I’m still on the board.

I headed the coding org  Chicago Women Developers to make it a great place for ANYONE in and interested in programming to be welcome and thrive. It still exists and is run by some great organizers, you should check it out.

I was a former boardmember at the awesome NFP

I CoChaired for the Affinity Alliance of NCWIT.

I organized a conference designed to help women pitch VCs, the media, and customers effectively: Pitch Conference.

What I Plan on Doing in The Future:

I value opportunity much more than I value plans. If you have an opportunity you want to discuss with me, send me a tweet.