I’m Sorry I Peed in the Soap

Saturday I overheard my six year old son whispered a confession to his little sister:
“Last night I peed in the soap bottle.”

Yes, the foaming soap dispenser that we’ve been washing our hands with all day, the one that after petting the cat and rubbing my eyes I used soap from to wash my face… that soap, it’d been compromised.

As punishment for defiling the most sacred of hand cleaners he had to write everyone in the family an apology letter (pictured above.)
If you ever need to sum up parenthood in one photo or seven words, you’re welcome.

3 Replies to “I’m Sorry I Peed in the Soap

  1. Better than “Sorry I peed in the soup” haha

  2. In the spirit of Jessi’s funny comment – I think you should subtitle this “Urine Trouble” …get it…Ha ha ha…I crack me up 😉

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