The Scourge of the Douche

A horrible scourge has entered the American lexicon and it pains me and my girl parts every single time it’s used. It’s the misuse of the word douche.

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I’m Sorry I Peed in the Soap

Saturday I overheard my six year old son whispered a confession to his little sister:
“Last night I peed in the soap bottle.” Read more

Two Weeks in the Life of an Egg

Roadtrips are kind of awesome when I’m not the one in charge…

Two weeks ago, armed with a camera, some beautiful dresses, my smarts, and a yet to be discovered tiny fertilized egg, I hopped aboard the Jones Soda tour bus with seven strangers and embarked on a trip across the Arizona desert toward a tech, film, and musically- fantastic conference, otherwise known as SXSW in Austin Texas.  Read more


Conversation with the Birthday Boy

Me: “What do you want for your birthday?”

5yr old: “A hawk eyed camera copter and studying my little sister’s brain.”

Me: “what?”

5yr old: “Get it, we’d donate her brain to a brain bank!”

Me: “um, I’ll see what Santa can do about the brain donation, ok?”

5yr old: “We should study his brain too, that guy is nuts.”