The Editor

by Melissa Pierce on

She: “We lack context.”

He: “You know, Em, words aren’t everything.”

He then cut so much of who she was from their story she became a literary prop on which he could hang his coat. “This is perfect.” he sighed happily into the quiet, his collar hanging precariously from the hook she had become.


Aleph Taw Atbash

Mixed Bag

A woman wakes up and wonders what the day will bring. Breakfast? Coffee? Donuts? Eggs? Fantasy takes hold and brings her underwater snowstorms and brightly collapsing stars. Go on then she encourages her subconscious, stretching the sleep from her soul and soles… so delicious. (How she rose from her rest on the red couch and […]

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The Bitch that Breeds and Bites

Mixed Bag

He said, “I’m sorry those kids decorated the Christmas tree without you.” He didn’t say “I’m sorry I don’t care to know you well enough to think you might want to participate in this.” “I’m sorry I assumed you wouldn’t care.” “I’m sorry I didn’t think to even communicate this event.” “I’m sorry I hurt […]

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Laid it on the Table

On A Personal Note

The restless things The parts about waitings That keep me up at night I laid em’ out on the table quick and clean straight from the cutting board into the wood grain I said to you what it felt like to be in this space And all that second guessing of conversation I’d prepared just […]

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